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How to wear a t-shirt skirt

  25. 05. 2017      From the fashion world

It is no longer true that the t-shirts are wearing only ballet dancers. Tail skirts are the absolute bestseller that can afford women and girls who feel comfortable with them. T-shirts or "tutu" skirts are a must-have piece that you should buy not only for the freedom of separation but also for everyday wear. We advise you how to wear such skirts.

sex and the city

When the skirt is said, you will most likely be reminiscent of either the Swan Lake of Begiève and Gelcer or, in the best case, the famous journalist Carrie Bradshaw of the less-known Sex in the City series that did not go for extravagance away. We all love her outfits and do not say no. But let's just say that today we can dare to such outfits, too, and we do not have to be even ballet dancers, not famous journalists, but ordinary girls who love fashion.

t-shirt skirt Deha

Tutu skirt is simply worn and can be combined with several styles. Tail skirts usually have a wide rubber that should not be cut, so you can wear it both on the waist and on the sides, depending on what you choose the top. If you are looking for an extravagant model in the sporty spirit , dress a denim jacket and Converse sneakers to unleash the overall outfit. With a classic toe, bring your skirt to your waist, highlight your slender waist, reveal slender legs, and hide wider hips. If you choose the top in the same color, monochorome style , pull the skirt on the sides and take the pumps. If you have a pear figure, wear a skirt at the minimum length below your knees, if you have an apple figure, choose a shorter version to reveal your strengths.

The ideal length, suitable for all types of figures, has Deha t-shirt , which is currently available in our shop in several colors. From light gray, pink, dark pink, purple to dark blue. The Deha brand comes from Italy, it is a leisure time, comfortable and in detail sophisticated, timeless pieces inspired by local dancers, so Deha's tutu is a clear choice from Deha brand .
t-shirt skirt Deha
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