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How to wear a poncho?

  13. 12. 2016      How to Dress Up

Do you advise me to wear a poncho? I bought one of you, but I struggle a little bit that I do not know what I can afford to do with it and what not. It's beautiful, but I'm a bit scrabble, and I'd always like to get a certified sweater I've been wearing a few times.

Linda Jandová


Poncho is a brilliant piece in that you can actually wear it with whatever you have in your wardrobe. You will not find an ultra-electrified ponchos, but rather those who are at first glance. Ladies Poncho in our country are simply different. So if you have such a piece like this poncho Desigual :

Desigual Remedios poncho / sweater

, so we recommend a more modest handbag in a one-color style. Perhaps the flower-blossom would fit perfectly with the sweater because it would connect with the patterns wearing poncho.

Poncho with fringes are really a trendy thing and they are rightly "traveled". But poncho is the trend of a matter that every woman can take and every one in it will look great. Poncho hides any deficiencies in your character while still comfortable with it.

You can find ponchos with different endings at the neck. The V neckline, the turtleneck or the V-neat neckline perfectly surround your neck. If your narrow shoulders or bust are worried, try a poncho with a very small neckline or a tight line around your neck that optically enlarges your shoulders. Poncho is usually over the neck, but there are also options with a zip or buttons. Or pitching options without turning on.

Choose the poncho so that it fits perfectly so that it is not too tight, but not too big. You just felt great in it. This is the main goal. Otherwise, do not be afraid, because the poncho is really a great fashion piece.

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