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How to wear a denim jacket?

  23. 01. 2018      How to Dress Up


I have a short spring jacket for spring and I wear black classic pants or one-color dresses and I would like to know what shoes to suit ... if beige (nude) boots? Or what color of a ballerinas and ballerinas you like? Thank you

Jana Růžičková


Dear Jano,

we take it nicely. Thus, generally, the jacket jacket has one great advantage, it is a phenomenon that fits perfectly. For sporty but also elegant style. Recently even wearing a "jeans" for jeans, although each piece has a different shade. It does not matter at all, on the contrary.

As for the bot, you can also match anything with the denim jacket, whether it be Converse stylish sneakers or perhaps Melissa plastic ballerinas , as well as other brands, definitely do not touch next. Of course, you can also choose glossy or matt heel shoes. If you match the color of shoes, for example, with a handbag or with a t-shirt and pants, it will never look bad.

Do not be afraid to combine the colors and inspire yourself with the Desigual brand , which the colors wearing really can do. Do not be afraid to combine brands and styles as well. The big hit of last year's season was a combination of sleeker dresses with Converse tunics. The fantasies do not just fit the boundaries and it is really important that you feel good about it.

denim jacket Desigual

Nice day for www.different.cz Nikol.

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