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How to wash white socks?

  03. 04. 2019      General questions


do I need advice on how to clean the white socks so they look like new again?

Klára Hausová


Dear Klara,

we are glad you did not give up and turned to us for advice. Because many of us think that white socks can't be white after a while, that's a mistake and we have a spell for you - it's called baking powder.

Baking powder, in addition to being a great aid in the kitchen, will prove a quality service such as some overpriced chemicals. It contains not only soda, but also an acidic component, thanks to which it has not only loosening but also cleaning effects.

So how to clean the white socks ?

1. Pour baking powder into lukewarm water.

2. Put the socks fluid and leave them soaked overnight.

3. Wash the socks in the washing machine with normal cleaning powder.

You can also use this baking powder tip for other clothing. Put one bag of baking powder into the washing machine and wash it as standard. You will see how beautifully you can get rid of unwanted stains.

white socks

Have a nice day at www.different.cz, wish Nikol.

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