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How to wash shoes in the washing machine?

  10. 05. 2019      General questions


I'd like to consult you. I have white sneakers, I often wear them and I do not want to waste any time cleaning in my hand. Will you advise me how to wash your machine in the washing machine ideally so that it doesn't hurt me?

Adam Krásný


Dear Adam,
Thanks for your question. Although it does not seem to be, most people's shoes are scrubbing. Of course, it is necessary to distinguish which shoes in the washing machine can be washed and which is not at all. Do not wash leather and suede shoes in the washing machine, you could throw them away. Only fabric shoes can be washed in the washing machine.

How to wash shoes in a washing machine?

First, remove the inserts from the shoes , which should be cleaned by hand with a brush and washing powder and allowed to dry. Then remove the laces from the shoes, you can wash them with ordinary clothes. A good tip - tie them together so that they do not slip in the drum of your washing machine. Then dip the shoes themselves into a bucket of water to which you can add a little bit of spring. Then rinse the shoes with clean water.

Just before you put your shoes on, clean the rubber outsole ideally with toothpaste or Cifem (Bathroom Cleaner ). If all of these steps are completed, put the shoes in a wash bag or pillow case to avoid any possible loosening and ideally use a wash gel . Some washing machines have a wash program directly on the shoes. If your washing machine does not have this program, set the wash to fine fabrics, water temperature to 30 ° C and lowest possible speed . This will prevent the shoes from twisting. After washing the shoe, take it out and let it dry for heating. Drain the dryer completely.
how to wash shoes in the washing machine
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