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How to wash a feather jacket?

  01. 03. 2019      How to Dress Up


I bought you a desigual feather jacket and I needed to wash her. Do you advise me how?

Lucie Novická


Dear Lucie,

first of all, check the feather jacket itself to see if it's really feathers and not artificial material that feathers just remind you. You can clean the bunny from the right feather in the dry cleaner, that's sure. You can also wash it at home.

If you choose to wash your jacket at home, wash your hand or stand alone in a washing machine for a soft program with a temperature of up to 30 ° C. However, a special detergent should be used on feathers, which should contain lanolin (sheep's wool grease, which makes the feathers soft and supple).

After washing, the feather fill is usually rusty, you do not have to panic, you need to shake the jacket thoroughly to separate the feathers. We recommend not to drain the jacket outdoors or to the heater as it would be unevenly worn, some of the feathers would be overwhelmed and cracked. Dry the jacket on a horizontal surface and shake it several times a day. Full drying takes up to three days.

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