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How to tie pareo? 9 amazing and simple ways! - 32.díl - DifferentTV.cz

  01. 07. 2014      Different TV CZ / SK

The question "How to tie pareo" we ask the whole summer. So we have prepared this video with 9 amazing and simple ways. Pareo is a big scarf that can be tied as a beach or pool dress. The advantage is that you simply wrap the pareo in your purse and when you go from the beach (well, from the swimming pool) to your home, you will be dressed in pares for 20s. And not anywhere. It can be a strapless dress, a panda dress with two shoulder straps, a prana dress with a shoulder strap on one shoulder ... and lots of other ways;)

Pareo is simply a big scarf. Sufficiently large scarf to make a nice dress with a pair of handy moves. Just a few ways you'll always be IN;)

Enjoy this instructive fashion video and be different;)

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