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How to take care of leatherette and leather handbag?

  12. 08. 2019      How to Dress Up


I have a beautiful leatherette from your e-shop, but I would like it to stay in good condition as long as possible. What basic tips should I follow? Thanks

Ivanka N.


Milá Ivanko,

Here are a few basic tips to maximize the life of your leatherette or leather jacket.

Impregnate it!

Chemical protection is essential if you plan to use a jacket or shoe or handbag in any weather. Frequent changes in moisture may not benefit the skin. Together with a new leather piece, you should also provide a proven skin impregnation product and treat the skin properly by even spraying before the first wear .

Better dry  

The skin, even of the highest quality, should not become very wet. The same applies to leatherette. Therefore, always carry an umbrella with you and avoid long-term rain. If you can no longer prevent waterlogging, allow adequate drying at the first suitable opportunity, preferably at room temperature, but not near the heater and certainly not in the clothes dryer). Such high temperatures do not benefit the skin.


A leather jacket is exactly the type of garment that should be placed in the care of dry cleaning professionals. Here they should guarantee a good service and a properly used washing method that will not harm the skin. If you do not want or do not have the option to place the leather jacket in the dry cleaning, then it is generally recommended to choose only hand wash using non-aggressive detergents without fabric softener and excessive perfume. Avoid washing machine! This is not good for the skin - there is a risk of losing colors and damaging fine details.

Beware of ironing

The skin can withstand the heat of the iron, but it is not recommended to use too high temperatures. You should always iron your leather jacket over a different cloth (such as a cloth), or you do not need to iron at all, as the material is stubborn and has no tendency to creak.

Keep away from direct light

Staying in the sun leather jackets is not as good as staying in the rain. Summer is the time when the leather jacket should hang securely in the wardrobe on the shaped hanger. Replace the leatherette with a suitable one   cardigan !

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So catch something for yourself today! ;)

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