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How to take care of cloth cloth?

  26. 03. 2020      How to Dress Up

Good day,
I got a beautiful mask from you to buy for free. Can you give me tips on how to care for the veil? How much to wash, how much to iron and store? I have heard that it is also important to put the mask on and off properly. What are the rules about wearing?
Thank you
Dana S.


Dear Dano,
we are very pleased that you like the mask from Different.cz. The mask is not only a fashion accessory, as we know, but in the current situation especially a protective device! Here are some basic tips that will help you and your surroundings to protect and suit you!
1.Nandaváme veku
If you need to remove or remove the mask, it is important to have your hands thoroughly washed. This means wiping hands under a stream of warm soapy water for 20 seconds or using an antibacterial gel or disinfection. Do not forget the parts for nails, etc. And one more TIP! If you are tired of counting 20 seconds, sing a song “Cat climbs a hole” while washing, it works great! ;)
When putting on the mask, we touch the face and fabric as little as possible. Do not touch the front, just pull the veil over the chin. The drape should cover the face nicely from nose to chin.
2. Wearing drape
Wear the cloth for 2-4 hours, simply until it is wet! Then it is necessary to change, because such a veil would not only fulfill its purpose, but it would also multiply under it pathogens such as molds and yeasts, which would certainly not benefit our health.
3. Remove the veil
Removal is done in the same way as detaching. Our hands are properly washed again, we do not touch the front parts again, and we tighten with rubber bands or laces.
At this point you consider the drape contaminated and prepare it for cleaning!
4. Washing / cleaning of drapes
The mask should be sterilized after wearing, and this can be achieved in one of the following ways:
Wash the drape to the highest temperature, at least 60 ° C using disinfectant gels. Then iron the cloth properly while still wet.
Another form of sterilization is boiling the drape in a pot of water and again thoroughly ironing.
Store clean drapes in a clean, closed container.
Such masks will not only suit you, but also perfectly fulfill their purpose.
Have a nice day and # veil!
Markéta for Team Different.cz