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How to stretch new shoes?

  21. 05. 2019      General questions


I'd like to consult you. I bought new sneakers for you and they're pretty tight, can you tell me how to stretch my new shoes best and most effectively?

Sandra Nová


Dear Sandro,

You certainly aren't alone who can "bother" this question, so we thank you for it. There are plenty of advice on how to stretch new shoes, but you shouldn't forget that you need to be careful.

6 tips to stretch new shoes

  1. If you need to stretch your shoes, you can get a shoe stretch spray that is easy to use, as instructed.

  2. Another way to stretch your shoes is to wet or sock your shoes and slip into your shoes, go through them a few times at home and have your shoes stretched, especially if they are leather shoes.

  3. You can also use a special foam to spread the shoes that you normally find in shoes. To stretch the shoes with foam it is still necessary to make some stretchers to hold the shoes. However, this method must be repeated several times. But you can also choose a variant with alcohol. You only need to rub the shoes from the inside.

  4. If only the tip of the shoe pushes you, you can pull it out with a cloth that drips with vinegar.
  5. In case you have a higher instep and does not help the classic with wet socks, soak your socks with alcohol and go through them a few times.

  6. Do you buy new summer shoes and their tapes unpleasantly cut you? Spray a softening spray on the tapes or buy a paraffin candle, which you should coat several times on the tapes to soften them.

how to stretch new shoes

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