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How to stretch leather shoes?

  19. 08. 2019      How to Dress Up

Greetings to Different!

I have beautiful Desigual leather shoes from you, but I need to pull them out because they work hard. How can I not destroy them too much? Can you advise me?

Ladislava V.


Milá Ladislavo,

No stach, there are many ways to get new shoes up. But some of the nursery advice you read about on the Internet will ruin your shoes rather than spread them. So watch them!

Let's see how to safely stretch leather shoes.

  • How to pull the shoes in width?

  1. You can buy a shoe spray, which you can spray inside the shoe, let it work, and at the same time slowly tread your shoes at home.
  2. A generation of our grandmothers and mums moistened the stronger socks they wore and put on shoes. In such equipment it is necessary to walk in shoes at home. The ancient way ensures comfortable and safe stretching of any leather footwear , even if it has heels.
  3. There is a special stretch foam in the shops, which allows the shoes to be pulled out in width and length using tensioners. The safest way to pull out your little shoes is to use tensioners. Tread shoes for several hours at home and return to the turnbuckle after a walk around the living room. In case of application of a spray for spreading shoes it is necessary to spray on the shoes and repeat the procedure several times.
  4. If you brush the shoes with alcohol, it will certainly loosen. Rub them very carefully and prefer the inside of the shoe.
  • How to spread the toe?

  1. Try to pull the narrow tip off with a cloth that you have dripped with vinegar and put it inside the shoe in a problematic place.
  2. To extend or loosen the tips of the shoes, a tensioner with a drop-down tip is used. This hoof should in fact be larger than the tip itself. Insert the tensioner into the shoe and slowly spread it with it. The lasts have an adjustable toe width, so you can slowly spread the narrow toe off your thumb. Available in shoe stores or in special e-shops that offer plastic as a manufacturing material, you can purchase a fabric-coated tensioner with steel spring or wood tensioners that are more expensive, but pull the shoes safely and accurately. Turnbuckles can be purchased in several types - women's or men's shoes , boots and summer shoes.
  • How to spread the shoes for a large instep?

If you have a large instep and do not help classic wet socks, try moistening the socks with alcohol and treading shoes. If even this method does not work, it is possible to spread alcohol on the skin itself from inside and carefully stretch the hoof.

  • Need to stretch only part of your shoe?

If you need to soften or stretch only part of your shoe, apply alcohol or alcohol to the area that is pushing you. You can also use a spray to stretch the shoes that you spray on the desired spot.

  • How to soften the heel of shoes?

Soften your heels by moistening a rag and hammering them lightly through the rag. You can rub the pat walls between your fingers or use a cream to soften the material. It depends on what footwear is made of.

  • Are you cutting the tapes on your summer shoes ?

Spray on the tapes to soften the material or buy a paraffin candle, which is applied to the tapes several times from the inside, gently rub the material between your fingers and the skin softens.

  • Beware of frost!

Bab's advice on different servers recommends filling the water bags, putting them in shoes and exposing them to frost. When the water in the shoes expands, the pressure starts to expand by itself. This method is not very suitable nowadays. There are a number of better, yet affordable options as well and good pull leather shoes, and be sure that it will not destroy the rebound.

  • Did any of the above advice help you?

How to spread small shoes if all the technique fails? Visit a shoe repair shop where they have special equipment to stretch the shoes. The price varies. Expect to spend around 100-200 CZK depending on what shoes you decide to visit.

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