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How to sleep quickly?

  18. 01. 2017      General questions

How to sleep quickly?

I'm still trying to fall asleep, but it always happens that I lie, I look into the wall and it just can not be. What should I do?

Ivan Labka (labkinsss@email.cz)


How fast do you sleep in our fashion consulting room, but we can ... try it;) We hold the view that you are sleeping well when you are happy. And man is happy when people praise him. And people will praise you if it suits you.

So try to choose something in our MOTHER SECTION , throw it on yourself and stumble on the streets. People will be so glad that you will be completely laughable. And then you come home in the evening and you will be so tired of laughing that you fall into bed and with a sweet feeling you will sleep sweetly.

And that's what it is. Only then can you fall asleep quickly;) And if it did not work? So, browse our e-shop peacefully and choose something for your wife. It does not help you sleep, but you'll make it happy. And that's what it is;)

Have a nice day. Milan for www.different.cz

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