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How to remove odor from shoes?

  14. 02. 2017      General questions


I would like to advise you if you can help me solve the problem of smelling boots. On hot days my feet in my shoes are sweating and I've tried everything possible.

Thank you.

Jitka Nová


Dear Jitko,

know that you are neither the first nor the last, with most of us dealing with this problem and in the summer months separately.

The basis is prevention - choose high-quality and breathable boots, in the summer months best with an open toe to breathe. Socks should also be suited to shoes, not recommended in plastic balerins such as silk , when the smell in boots doubles.

Of course you can also give babys councils. Like dropping your shoes for a night with salt, spraying boots with a vodka in the sprayer and letting them dry, put a handful of leaves in lemon or slices of lemon, etc. There are also different foot powders or antiperspirants in the shoes that you buy in any drugstore.

Nice day, Nikol for Different.cz

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