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How to Properly Look For Clothes Of Various Materials

  30. 10. 2013      From the fashion world

Clothes are a daily part of our lives and the basis of our personal style, but when the time comes to care, who of us do not fit everything into a washing machine at all times or do not overwhelm everything? And do you know who reads the clothes on the clothes before they put it in the washing machine? We bring you advice on how to care for your (not only) favorite bits.

Nebo to dejte mamince. Ta ví, jak to udělat. Or give it to your mommy. She knows how to do it.

How to wash cotton
This clean material takes almost everything. From washing to any program, bleaching preparations and ironing at the highest temperatures. In many cases, cotton clothing includes elastane or other synthetic material. Then you have to reduce the temperature during washing and ironing. In addition, some cotton requires to wash it off in order not to make unsightly pimples.

How to wash denim
So much loved denim is a very durable, comfortable and flattering figure. But the problem is mainly with color. Denim trousers , jackets and shirts have a completely deliberate appearance that changes over time. Someone calls it an original patina and someone does not like it very much. If you have a problem with this, you will need to take care of the denim more time. Perte is either upside down in cold water or even better in hand. Then it is dry upside down or laid on a horizontal surface. Anyway, they are not too often. And if you have a bad smell like an evening ride in the bar, it's better to hang up before bathing in the bathroom, because steam is just miraculous in this case.

Jak prát denim. How to wash denim.

How to wash viscose
Although it is made of natural cellulose, its production requires a great deal of chemistry. This is why it is classified among artificial fibers. Its advantage is lightness, a touch of cotton, but not so durable. Washing is recommended at 40 ° C because it is often precipitated and ironing should be at low temperatures. Shirts and blouses made of this material should be washed by hand in lukewarm water and in no case dirty, otherwise they lose shape.

How to wash polyester?
The most widespread artificial material, which is often combined with viscose and cotton. It is especially appreciated by those who do not like ironing. When washing and ironing, it can withstand moderate temperatures, but it tends to form jam. So it is good to wash it upside down. Due to static electricity, pet hair is often caught on the polyester and a lot of sticks. To eliminate this, add fabric softener to your laundry.

How to wash the wool?
Most often we meet the sheep, in most cases mixed with artificial fiber. Quality is different but always needs a gentle treat. Sweaters, scarves and other woolen pieces are only washed at low temperature using a special program and wool products. It is best to choose hand wash in cold water without squirting. It is also good to never hang them, but let it dry on a horizontal surface to be in the desired shape all the time.

Another sculpture that might interest you is to look after details such as sequins, apps, and clothing stones. Of course, they do not belong to the washing machine or the dryer, not only because they could have something to do with them, but they are only attached to the head with a thin thread that can not be stretched. Likewise, tops and dresses with stones should be washed very carefully in the hand and dried best placed on a terry towel. The stones are also worth paying attention when shopping. If you shop in the shop where you buy the piece of stones you will notice that
at other sizes, a pair of stones are missing on your clothing, you can be sure that even yours will not last long enough.

Sáčko s flitry. Sachet with sequins.

How to wash lace
Whether it is in any color, it is definitely a trendy material that is tender and fragile even in itself and can easily be destroyed. The lace should therefore be washed in the fine underwear program and preferably in protective mesh. Krajek is a lot of sorts - the better ones are pure cotton or linen, the cheaper ones are made of synthetic materials and are more easily perishable.

How to wash clothes
The lightweight transparent fabric with fine gridding, which is typical of balet skirt, is now mostly made of cotton or chemical silk. Tyls are countless species today.
There are, for example, prints of tying, silver or gold ties made of metal yarns or elastic elastan tiles. Unattached tongue can be washed according to the instructions on the label carefully in the washing machine, so that it is necessary to re-shape the resultant effect.

How to wash chiffon
Although today it is considered an elegant party affair, its name comes from the French "chiff on", which means "rag". The chiffon creates translucent elegant folds and is suitable for shading. Significant transparency, however, places high demands on precision processing where every imperfection can be seen. In the silk chiffon, chemical cleaning is recommended, the synthetic one can be washed in hand, if it is not drenched and allowed to dry on the surface. Ironing is not ironing at the lowest temperature.

Remember, it does not apply: the more expensive the more you have to endure. It is then best to buy the armor - it will last a great deal. Often, more expensive, more comfortable and nicer materials are more susceptible to good and fine maintenance. You can also probably do not crack the 50.000Kč handbag, so it is good not to try it even for medium-sized pieces.

Anyway, be different;)

Published by: Team Different

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