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How to properly choose the size of clothing and footwear?

  23. 08. 2017      How to Dress Up


I needed to advise on the size of Desigual and Ballerina Melissa. I would like to choose an outfit for your wedding at your eshop, but I have not tried these brands yet.

Štěpánka Svobodová


Milá Štěpánko,

size selection is now very easy with us. At our eshop, we've "installed" the very clever SIZE SIZE button, which is always above the label of a specific product. Simply click on the button to enter your rates and the system automatically recommends your ideal size.

We know that buying online is not easy due to the choice of sizes, so we have decided to make it easier for you to make your way. We have teamed up with the SizeID project, which seems to be a great solution. The advantage is that you can simply save your measurements to the system and then do not specify them, the sizes will be automatically recommended. Plus, you can sign up for this great project and add rates to your loved ones, either via Facebook or their www.sizeid.com site .



Nice day, Nikol from www.different.cz

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