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How to proceed correctly when changing goods?

  17. 02. 2017      Queries on Different

Can you please advise me how to proceed correctly when changing goods? Do I still have a claim on it? Last week I bought a girl's Desigual girl dress, but I did not figure out the right size. The dresses are beautiful, the daughters will definitely be decent, but I need to replace them for bigger ones. Thank you.

Klára Smetanová



You have the right to exchange within 14 days of receiving the shipment . Considering that you took over the shipment last week, of course we will be happy to exchange the size. However, it is necessary to send the dress back in the original state, ie with tags, preferably in the original package. Of course, if you have already violated the packaging, pack it at your best discretion so that it can be bought again by another parent for your little princess.

Desigual Girl Dress

For sure, we are hiding a larger size of your dress on your name so that another parent does not buy it again. Do not be afraid when this size disappears from the eshop. We will ask you to send the wrapped gown back to our address, which is listed in the contacts at www.different.cz or at the bottom of the invoice. This is the address for the exchange / return of the goods. Along with the dress, send us the invoice you received with them. You have a copy in the email. On the invoice, state why you're returning your clothes , what you change and how much you want to have double control. In the event of a refund, the account number is entered into the invoice.

As soon as the package arrives from you, you will receive an email within 14 days of receiving an email and we will exchange or refund your account. We hope you are clear about this and we wish you and your daughter new Desigual dresses to be just fun.

Have a nice day. Nikol za Different.cz

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