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How To Measure Shirt Size?

  09. 07. 2018      How to Dress Up


I would like to order a shirt as a birthday gift for my boyfriend, but I don´t know exactly how to measure its size to order the right one. Could you help me, please?


Alena Divišová


Dear Alena,

Shirt sizes are given by the collar circumference in cm. It´s measured on the inside from the buttonhole to the button. The other sizes usually aren´t given, so if you buy a shirt via e-shop, it is needed to check the measures on the customer service.


pánská košile

First of all, you need to measure your partner. Measure his neck with a tailor's tape measure at the height below the Adam´s apple, so that it is not too tight. Slide two fingers under it from the front side. Round the measured cm up. The resulting size is the size of the shirt collar, it's basically the basic size) and the size of a ready-made men's shirt at the same time. If your man doesn´t button up the last button, we recommend buying a shirt of smaller size.

A close-fitting shirt looks the best on men. It should be neither too tight nor too loose. As for the sleeves, the shirt cuff should end somewhere at the thumb joint while stretching your arms out sidewards. And it should be just as wide to fits closely to a wristwatch. The recommended length of the shirt is when the front and back side can touch in the crotch.

Nice day from www.differenta.com wishes Nikol.

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