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How to make a handbag at home? Try it:)

  21. 08. 2013      From the fashion world

Do you want to shine a truly original piece that you will not "face" to anyone else? Do you like to create or just want to try if it really works? Then read on, we have a simple guide to tips and tricks as to how to quickly make home your handbag without complicated stitching or demanding material requirements.

What you need:

  • leather, leather, leatherette or cloth (it is only up to you what material you prefer, the skin better holds the shape)
  • a cloth or wider ribbon
  • the handbag strap (the ear of handbags can be bought in haberdashery or in online stores)
  • punch or riveting pliers
  • fixed on textile (fixed phantom)
  • scissors
  • a large plate, tray, or circular shape that can be used as a template

... and then just a little patience and we can start to make :)

How to make a handbag at home. Source: google.com How to make a handbag at home. Source: google.com

1) At first, we prepare all the necessary things to produce the bag and disassemble the material from which we will produce the handbag (leather, leatherette, textile) on the reverse side lay the template, which is plotted by the phantom fix (the advantage is that on the other side of the fix is ​​the disappearance see any unsightly lines), then cut out the circular base of the handbag and measure about 12 points across the circumference of the circle to ribbon later.

2) Now we take a punch or riveting pliers and we drill through our prepared points one by one. We prepare a ribbon and knit through the holes.

3) Consider the larger ribbons from the rest of the ribbon, which will take the purse to the final shape. Now you just need to pin the handle of the handbag and go out with a brand new piece of the street :)

And, or are the Desigual handpainted , designer and interesting bags better and easier for you?

Published by: Team Different

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