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How to dress an oval type?

  16. 02. 2018      How to Dress Up


how do I get dressed if I have a "oval" type? I have bigger breast and belly, I have almost no waist and bigger ass. The narrowest part of my body is the legs. It is very difficult to choose such a dress so that I do not feel like a barrel. Will you please advise me?

Sara Syrová


Dear Sara,

what I definitely recommend to you is to visually prolong the figure . You can do this for example with a deeper neckline, preferably the "V" type, and you can dress up the tops or dresses gently shinned on the belly, such as the Desigual brand, and if you have stronger hands, wear sleeves.

What you're up to for a hundred percent of your figure is heels or shoes on a wedge . Do not be afraid to warn your slim legs. Highlight your strengths and hide shortcomings. Focus on it. For example, you can highlight slim areas with color motifs and light colors. Cover thicker places with dull colors, preferably without patterns.

Do not be afraid to wear, skirts, especially skirts narrow . A proven model that suits you is a sleeveless jacket dress . With your jacket you'll get your waistlines, even those you do not have. If possible, avoid wearing pins and round necklines. Of course, it depends on your height. If you are a little bit upset, forget about your skirt half the calf and the long coats, you are visually shrinking. You will still be subject to the "character extension" rule. And for accessories - wear great handbags !

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