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How to dress an hourglass figure?

  21. 02. 2018      How to Dress Up


I'd like to ask how to dress my type of character. I have the shoulders as wide as my buttocks, my breasts are large and I'm lean on my waist. Unfortunately, my size is bigger than I wish, and I do not really know what to wear if I do not want to add. Could you give me an advice please?

Bora Holá


Milá Bětko,

Even though you do not have the perfect models of 90-60-90, you are a happy woman. You have an absolutely ideal female figure called "hourglass", so you have a huge advantage, you can afford to wear almost anything, but important to highlight your female curves, so choose a dress that will not be too tight , but not unnecessarily Avoid hip pants that will needlessly add to your kits and create non-static folds that will also not flatter you.

Ideal for you will be the waist trapping effects, the Dior style or the 70s style, called "New Look" . Christian Dior always focuses on femininity and preserve it. Definitely put your wardrobes in your wardrobe - jackets, skirts with a high waist, pants with a higher seven or a sleeveless dress. Shoes can be sporty or elegant, according to your taste. Whether you choose Converse Sneakers or Heel Boots, do not step on next.

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