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How to dress a triangle type?

  19. 02. 2018      How to Dress Up


I have broad shoulders and back, bigger breast, little butt and almost no waist. My only advantage is slim legs. I do not feel comfortable in the clothes I wear lately, women, could you advise me how to get dressed?

Hedvika Slavná


Dear Hedviko,

you have the character of the so-called "inverted triangle" , that is to say the shape of the letter V. Your character is therefore gradually narrowing downwards. Thus, the upper half of the optic body needs to be narrowed, which means, for example, the need to wear the jacket without padding, skipping the decoration in the chest area and avoiding the neckline or the hips revealing the shoulders. I would rather wear deeper cuts or cuts to a "paw" that the shoulders of the optic narrow and extend the hull.

Take the most attention to the legs and hips that you can highlight with patterns, narrow skirts or trousers. They will suit skirt ,, to AAA. "As far as colors, wear tops in darker shades aa underpants bright. Benefit will also be mini skirts or short dresses where you stand your beautiful feet. The stylish skirts can be found for example in the brand Desigual .

women's skirt Desigual

Nice day for www.different.cz Nikol.

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