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How to dress a rectangle character?

  14. 02. 2018      How to Dress Up


I have a uniform figure. Wide shoulders, hips and straight waist, somewhere I read that my character type is called a rectangle, so I wonder how to actually dress properly. To highlight the advantages and cover the shortcomings. I like to dress up fashionable pieces and I like to wear clothes and a more elegant style.

Eva Široká


Dear Evo,

the characteristic feature of the so-called "rectangle" or type of character in the form of the letter "H" is typically a boyish figure where the shoulders are as wide as the sides and the figure has a slight waist. You have a typical boy figure, so you like to wear dresses and more elegant pieces to make you feel more feminine. We understand that. How to do that? Create curves!

Your goal will be to create an illusion of female curves. Wear ribbons, corsets, toppings, just everything that will create a passport . The wide belt at the waist is an excellent choice, the figure optically cleaves and creates the effect of the so-called hourglass. If you love elegant style, then you will definitely be pleased that you should wear skirts and dresses . And you definitely do not mess with anything, with a higher waist, whether you choose skirts, shorts or trousers. But do not worry about other important female details such as deeper cuts or "water" necklines, as well as t-shirts and tops made of fine materials with breasts , etc. You can dress with a distinctive necklace to attract attention to your face.

If you have a slim figure, do not be afraid to use multiple layers. As far as jackets and coats are concerned, it is advisable to have a firm and tight fit. Definitely the rule to highlight your passport! Avoid straight and bumpy cuts. But you do not spoil the oversize pieces , they hide everything, and on the other hand, lean legs and arms. You can also attract attention with interesting shoes, spring is coming, so you can buy, for example, unusual plastic shoes Melissa .

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