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How to dress a pear shaped figure?

  10. 01. 2018      How to Dress Up


I have narrow shoulders and waist, small breasts, wide hips and thighs. I've been fighting it all my life, and I really do not know how to get dressed to make it a little disguised. Can you please help me with my type of character?

Zita Kalvin


Dear Zito,

with your character type you do not even have to fight or worry about it, you are typically a female figure and it just wants to offset slight disproportion. You will achieve this by attaching attention to the upper half of the body. Beginning with distinctive jewelery, fluffy hairstyle, cute makeup, or various caps, hats, scarves,

Generally, for your character type, wear a darker bottom, a lighter top . Do not wear cut edges and shiny materials. You can dress up your favorite jeans and a more distinctive top. You will be deep, round or boat neckline.

If you like to wear shirts, they should have bigger collars and pockets, or patterns. Perfect service will also show you layers in contrasting colors . I definitely do not recommend too long tops to cover the hips. On the contrary, try to emphasize your passport, for example by strips. You can also try the modern short top over a narrow T-shirt.

If you like to wear a sporty style, choose your hoodies or hoodies. When choosing pants, aim for straight cuts or try trousers slightly into the bell. I do not recommend hip pants, because they tend to shorten their legs. On the contrary, you should try to prolong your legs. You will achieve this with the correct length of your trousers. If you have pants for summer, so long to your knees or above.

If you wear a skirt, then it is the best "cut" cut for you, the length depends only on you, once again, in beauty is simple, avoid great patterns, you can make an exception if you choose a skirt with vertical stripes.

Probably the greatest service will show you heels , which will prolong the figure optically. But if you prefer to wear sneakers, try to choose one color and narrowshapes like Converse Sneakers . In winter watch out for the boots, always choose the height under the knees, not the ankles, again simple, unguided. Also, focus on the pointed, round or square tops of your character will not flatter.

As for dresses, you can choose to make flowing, looser or oversize cuts. In short, those in which you will feel comfortable and comfortable.

I hope I've counseled you a little, and your troubles turn into joy, your deficiencies in your favor and your sadness in the pride that you are Different.

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Nice day, Nikol from www.different.cz

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