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How to clean white sneakers?

  12. 04. 2019      General questions


I bought the Converse white sneakers for you, and because I wear them constantly, I need advice on how to clean them properly, to be new.

Hanka Dimitri


Dear Hanko,

asking how to properly clean white sneakers you are at the right address. We are experts in cleaning Converse white sneakers . We will advise you not only on canvas conversations, but we will take it in general.

1. Linen sneakers

You need: baking soda, brush, or hand deer
Procedure: mix the baking soda with the liquid deer, clean the smears with a brush and rinse the sneakers carefully under lukewarm water
Our tip: linen sneakers are definitely not recommended for machine washing!

2. Rubber rims around the sole and toe

Need: Whitening Toothpaste or Cif Liquid Sand, Brush
Procedure : moisten the rubber gently and scrub until the white sole is white again

3. Leather and breathable sneakers

Need: a sponge, a Deer soap
Procedure: Apply the Deer soap to the sponge, leave it for a quarter of an hour, then rinse it off
Our tip: you can wash your leather sneakers in the washing machine, but on a gentle regime

white sneakers Converse

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