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How to clean white Conversky?

  06. 07. 2018      General questions


I recently bought Converse white sneakers with you. Do I need to know how to clean them?

Anna Kynclová


Milá Aničko,

first of all remove the laces from the shoe that you can clean separately. Let them dip in, for example, in a washbasin with hot soapy water or in a lavender. Converse 's sneakers rinse under cold running water. Cold water so that the stains on the shoes do not settle.

Make a paste of edible soda and vinegar. The paste should consist of two parts of soda to three parts of vinegar. The blend should create a foam that you massage into your sneakers with a brush. Then rinse your sneakers with cold water again and put your shoes in the washing machine with a small amount of detergent. Run shoes for a normal cycle in cold water, preferably in a cloth bag or in a towel. After washing, let the sneakers freely dry. Make it white, white to encourage it by drying in the sun. Forget the dryer.

white Converse Sneakers

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