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How to clean rubber boots?

  29. 07. 2019      How to Dress Up

Hello Differente,

I have a few pairs of Melissa and Zaxy shoes from you. I often wear them, so I made smudges of scuff and dirt that I can't remove. Can you help me with some cleaning methods?



Dear Hanko, thank you for a great question!

We all know it, smudges on rubber boots or soles can really spoil the beauty of the entire outfit.

Today we bring you 2 tips for cleaning rubber soles and plastic shoes that work!

1) Strong Two: Baking soda + washing powder

Mix baking soda and washing powder in a 1: 1 ratio (avoid using whitening detergents). Use lightly moistened sponges or different coarse fabrics to apply and spread the shoe polish. Always use another wet piece of cloth to clean the shoe mixture after cleaning to avoid possible stains. Dry the shoes to dry.

Clean Rubber on Shoes Step 4Clean Rubber on Shoes Step 5

2) On white shoes: Hero Remover

The nail polish remover is a great helper for white shoes, but don't use it for the colored ones. There may be discoloration. Soak the makeup remover in the nail polish remover and gently (preferably wearing gloves) wipe the surface of the white shoe. Finally, wash the shoe with clean water.

Clean Rubber on Shoes Step 13Clean Rubber on Shoes Step 14

At Differentu you will find a selection of the most beautiful rubber and plastic shoes ! Once you know how to clean them easily, there is nothing to prevent you from getting a pair of shoes. So which one do you love? :)

Markéta from Different.cz wishes you a nice day

Source: WikiHow

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