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How to clean leather shoes?

  15. 03. 2019      General questions


would I need advice on how to clean my leather boots?

Jana Nová


Whether you buy men's or women's leather shoes, pay attention to the leather finish. Never use chemistry on leather shoes, do not soak it in water and never wash it in a washing machine. Leather shoes can be gently treated with soapy water and a regular impregnation is certainly a good option, which also protects against dirt absorption from the outside.

  • Simply clean the smooth skin with a damp cloth or a brush, apply it and polish it.
  • Dry skin with cream. However, we recommend avoiding the use of sponge polishes available in every shoe.
  • Painted leather can be treated with a dry or damp cloth, but be careful not to come into contact with water.

When shaving your shoes, you need to carefully choose the color of the cream and avoid painting chemicals that promise quick shine in a few seconds when painting your shoes, and rather paint the shoes in a classic way.

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