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How to clean gold jewelry at home?

  31. 01. 2017      General questions

Can you tell me how can I clean gold jewelry at home? I got nice pieces from my grandmother, but they are somewhat dirty.

Katerina Obermaierová


Dear Katerina,

there are many detergents that are readily available in drugstores or jewelery. If you want to clean gold jewelry , we recommend choosing the special means that are for gold intended. Multi-surface cleaners are available, but with caution.

Take great care if the jewelery has zircons or diamonds . Some cleaners could damage them. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully read the instructions for the selected device.

Anyway, you can also give our grandmother's advice . We include some of them:

  • Put the golden jewels in a can with water, add the spring and a spoon of edible soda, let go through the boil
  • gold jewelry can be cleaned with ash from cigarettes or baking powder
  • You can also clean the gold jewelry by placing an alobal on the bottom of a small castor, jewelry on it, sipping with soda and letting it boil
  • gold jewelry can be soaked overnight in the beer and clean in the morning

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Nice day, Nikol from www.different.cz

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