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How to be attractive and trendy man?

  29. 07. 2019      How to Dress Up

Greetings Differente,

would you give me advice on what clothes to wear to be more attractive to women? I would like to buy more stylish clothes for the wardrobe, which would not go out of fashion quickly and combined well. What should I get?

Thanks, Pavel


Dear Pavel, thank you for a great question!

Many men have become more interested in fashion lately and we are very happy about it! Let's summarize a few basic timeless men's fashion trends.

Stylish underwear

For underwear, it starts and ends. ;) No attractive man can do without sexy boxers or shorts. Equip yourself with stylish and comfortable pieces from Calvin Klein or Tommy Hilfiger .

Bet on Converse Legends

If you are looking for stylish shoes, bet on proven and legendary brands. Maybe stylish Conversky suits and fits almost every man. Choose funny socks on your feet and you will be a trendy man!

Beauty in simplicity

Do you want to buy mainly timeless stylish pieces? reach for simple and sparse color combinations! Scotch & Soda brings an interesting and easily combinable fashion.

Throw style on your shoulders

Stuffed pockets are not trendy, gentlemen. ;) Finish your outfit with a stylish bag or backpack! Have you ever seen Tommy Hilfiger ?

Markéta wishes you a nice day in style

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