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How large is my Converse size when I have a foot length of 28 cm?

  05. 05. 2017      How to Dress Up


what size of converse shoes do I choose when my foot measures 28 cm?

Petr Vtipný


Dear Peter,

every size of your shoe or clothing can of course be measured. You can also manage the size chart, which is included in the label for each product separately.

But take into account what the length of the insole is. The length of the insole is always measured inside the shoe. The outsole is not measured from the outside, so it's space reserved for your foot. The same applies to men's Converse sneakers .

If your foot measures 26 cm , choose the size of Converse 41 .

If your foot measures 27 cm , choose the size of Converse 42 .

If your foot measures 28 cm , choose the size of Converse 43 .

If your foot measures 28.5 cm , choose the size of Converse 44 .

If your foot measures 29.5 cm , choose the size of Converse 45 .

Converse Sneakers

Nice day, Nikol from www.different.cz

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