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How do you learn to walk on your heels?

  01. 02. 2017      General questions


I've been wearing sneakers all my life, but there are times when I need to put on heels, but I have a big problem, I can not walk in, should you have some advice for me?

Simona Nováková


Dear Simono,

the heels are sexy, they are pounding us and the men love us. That's a simple fact. The truth is that a lot of women's heels can not taste and it's not surprising when a woman chooses the shoes of poor quality and unusual height, they feel unpleasant in them, not only that they can not naturally walk in them but also hurt their feet. But do not be afraid we would lose something.

In the first place, you need to choose the right height , if you only went to sneakers or ballet dancers, it is nonsense to choose heels higher than 10 cm. When choosing, make sure they do not push you in any way , but you can not even push them . Choose the size just right. You should not regain your boots in peace, walk through them, bounce, try all possible moves until you are 100% sure.

Once you arrive home, call your boots , turn off your chest, pull your belly, straighten your back and meet a new adventure, you will see that in a few minutes you will be sure as a professional fashion model.

Nice day, Nikol from www.different.cz

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