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How do I align my outfit with makeup?

  15. 09. 2017      How to Dress Up


I want to ask for a wife, wearing gray boots, an olive box skirt in half a calf and a gray thin turtleneck. Now, what is the color of lipstick, makeup, and stockings to suit this outfit?

Tomáš Krupička


Dear Tomáš,

if we take it nicely, the ideal color of stocking would be gray in this case. The outfit would be "monochrome", which is much worn, and only the olive skirt will be broken by color, but nothing can be spoiled by body stockings.

As for the makeup. It is not appropriate to combine a distinctive makeup with a distinctive lipstick. Either smoke eye shadows with a soft, natural shade of lipstick or a colorless gloss are suitable. Or vice versa, only decent makeup, mascara with a distinctive lipstick. Thanks to this colorful outfit combination, your wife does not have to worry about touching any color of lipstick.

Nice day, for www.different.cz, Nikol.

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