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Homedecor - Make your home home

  22. 06. 2018      From the fashion world

Different is not just a fashion eshop with clothing, handbags and shoes, but also an eshop with stylish home accessories. Not only do we like to dress nicely and try to revive the boring fashion streets, we like to live stylishly, and we care about our nice and stylish living, so our section of home accessories is constantly expanding with design pieces.

Besides stylish bathroom accessories , Desigual bedrooms and living rooms, Yankee Candle fragrant candles, we've just put together interesting pieces that will revive your interior. And what can you imagine? Stylish candlesticks, original sculptures, timeless clocks, beautiful trays, and other important details that make your home a home. Anyone who comes to visit you will be pale with envy and will ask you where you've got such a unique piece and you're proud to say that you will not tell them because you're Different .

How about a stylish home? If you do not like boring interiors, but you do not want to overpower them, you can consult a residential architect. Or you can follow a simple procedure. When building a new home or renovating the old one, start the basic color sync. Paint in pure white, gray or beige, choose furniture in the same or at least in similar tones, and then just add accessories. You can constantly rotate, change, move, buy, etc. colors and accessories. It is important to feel at home.

Beyond the metal sculptures and candlesticks that fit perfectly by the way, you can display clocks on the shelf for example in the alarm clock design . On our eshop outside of these hours in black, you will also find white, floor, but also wall-mounted, Provance-style or multi-colored clocks.

Great service will show you a stylish tray . It will decorate not only your kitchen table, but also the conference or table in the garden. You can use it for common use, for food, drink, but also as a decoration in the living room when you cut out pots with beautiful flowers on the tray. In short, imagination does not limit. Besides round trays, you will find a set of square trays on our eshop. That you have to choose again. Both designs in a beautiful, timeless decor .

If you have a good drive, then you should not miss these two cute sculptures at home. Whether you have a children's room, a bedroom or a living room, they will find their place at home all the time. Sculptures are metallic, colorful, cheerful, funny, and whenever their eyes fall on you, we bet you will be smiled on your face .

More inspiration can be found in our video on Different TV !

Published by: Differenta Team

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