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Health slippers as a fashion trend

  24. 06. 2019      From the fashion world

What first comes to mind when you say slippers? If you think of the tasteless orthopedic "hospital slippers", we'll probably take you somewhat of a mistake in this article. In general, we should say that health should be the top priority for everyone. We understand that most of you care about design, rather than comfort, that is, look rather than health.

Crocs medical slippers

Recently, as a fashion eshop, there is a huge demand for health and quality footwear. That our customers place great emphasis not only on design but also on the anatomical parameters of shoes. So we have a great news for you. We have beautiful, becoming and healthy shoes for you. Crocs medical slippers .

The fashion brand Crocs is no longer just the "plastic punched clogs", but just the slippers in the top designs. You can really choose from this year's collection if slide slippers are on the top of fashion trends this year. Crocs slide slippers are available in various colors, such as metallic or shimmering tapes, but also in simple design or slippers on the platform.

Finally, you should definitely not underestimate the basic information about healthy tires. That is why we have 5 basic points for you to follow when choosing the right shoes.

Crocs medical slippers

5 parameters of health shoes

  1. The right size - it is important to ensure that your foot has the will in your shoe, has not been limited in space, and felt at ease.
  2. Material - the right material is the foundation. Crocs makes shoes made of special Croslite material, which is durable, soft and does not smell the feet.
  3. Anatomical shape - anatomical shape and insole are also important. In addition, the Crocs shoes have massage points on the insole that stimulate the foot beautifully.
  4. Ideal heel height - for men up to 2.5 cm, for women up to 5 cm. Crocs slippers are ideal for you, and this parameter is always available
  5. Weight - The Crocs shoe is extremely lightweight, almost invisible on your feet.

Crocs medical slippers

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