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Hat - an add-on that never goes out of fashion

  07. 05. 2016      From the fashion world

Hat has been a big hit for several seasons. Strawberries, cowboy, casual, or elegant versions are becoming more and more popular and not surprised. Not only does it protect us from the sun and frost but at the same time it is a stylish fashion accessory that underlines our personality.

hat scotchandsoda

Yes, even hats have their own history. Historically, we could include them in the period of ancient Mesopotamia or ancient Greece, but they spread to Europe in the 15th century. Hats were worn by emperors and officers. They were a symbol of dignity and reverence for greetings. In short, hats have always been worn, the head is still an important part of the body and carries a substantial number of sensitive organs. Naturally, there is a need to protect this precious "mailbox", and so, over time, the headgear has been upgraded and renovated until a hat has been created.

But the hat does not only have a protective function , but some centuries later it has become the adornment of many gentlemen and women. There were even times when, when men and women went out into the street without a hat, this speech was considered to be the culmination of disrespect. Of course, under certain regimes this "attitude" changed and the hats receded in the background, but at the moment, this fashion trend returns, even though it does not mean much more than ever before, it definitely underlines our sensuality . when you are a lady, you turn around. In short, you have to admit that it is a beautiful fashion that has taste, style and is different.

The last mentioned "different" is very important to us, because thanks to it we are also onof our eshop stylish and beautiful hats we offer in the fashion accessories section. Specifically, from the Dutch brand Scotch & Soda and the Greek label Doca . Come and sit comfortably and let yourself be inspired by our pieces ...;)

Scotch & Soda


Published by: Differenta Team

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