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Happy Plugs - Functional headphones as a modem add-on

  21. 01. 2016      From the fashion world

Happy Plugs was established in Sweden in 2011 and now operates in more than 50 countries around the world. Founders have set a clear goal - to produce quality headphones with a luxurious design. Their ambition was to produce headphones as a fashion accessory.

Headsets Happy Plugs. Source: houseofcoco.net

Swedish simplicity lies in a clever and minimalist product. Happy Plugs loves colors, you can choose from a variety of color shades - from light to dark. However, color selection is not accidental. Happy Plugs studies current trends in fashion and offers top colors that are "in".

Happy Plugs. Source: happybranding.se

Happy plugs are not just about colors but also about motifs. Gold, silver, metal motifs, but also animal or army patterns have been at the forefront of current trends for some time now. That's why the headphones should not be behind, and Happy Plugs just give you such designs and themes.

Source: Different.cz

The headphones are not just a luxurious fashion accessory, they are renowned for their high quality sound transmission, which shields the 3.5 mm gold-plated connector. Style is just as important as their functionality. Headphones are compatible with all kinds of smartphones, tablets or mp3 players . These original headphones also include a built- in microphone driver for receiving calls or enabling / disabling music.

Source: Different.cz

Happy Plugs produce several types of headphones. In our e-shop you will find the classical earbud earbud that you simply put in your ears and use them every day.

Source: Different.cz

Are your headphones already shielded and oiled? Do you keep them under your sweatshirt or jacket so you can not see these "slim wires"? Believe that Happy Plugs will show you proudly and expose to the world, believe that if you choose one, you will soon expand your collection and choose your headphones daily the outfit that you just dressed in because you love that fashion just as we do;

Published by: Differenta Team

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