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Handbags O bag - mania has already hit our country

  30. 07. 2015      From the fashion world

Fashion is our passion and so we keep bringing you new and new tips for outfits and hot trends. Today's hot news that our entire Different team has loved is the bag bag O bag . If the name does not say anything to you, you have already noticed the imaginative plastic handbags with rope handles. You already know?

O bag Mangeta bag
O bag Mangeta handbag with black rope

The bag came to us from Italy, where the handbags are literally thirsty! They are made of special quality silicone, which is light, flexible, perfectly durable and also waterproof. Maintenance is almost zero. And the biggest trick is that you can fold this handbag completely and combine it yourself.

O bag body menthol

O bag body menthol

The handbag is made up of so-called BODY. Be the classic bigger size or mini. The choice is from a wide range of colors and so choose really everyone :)

Leatherette Handle Obag
O bag of leatherette turquoise handle

The body is then housed in 2 lengths. Longer or shorter - ideal for a mini O bag. The handles are either rope- colored in natural or black, for a multicolored brass and / or leather . For the skimmers there is also a handle with buckle, also in several colors. O bag bags are so popular that they are often not available across Europe.

O bag inside Floral cloth bag
O bag inside Floral cloth bag

The last part of the bag O bag is the INSIDE FOLDED zipper bag. Again the classic or mini variant. There are several colors and patterns to choose from. But she is not necessarily in the handbag.

So are we going to pack up your perfect purse of dreams?

The bag is menthol with a white leatherette handle
The bag is menthol with a white leatherette handle

So what do you call it? The composition is simple and can be done by everyone. For me, this handbag is a complete revolution;)

So fold your own according to your taste on different.cz and be stylish and different :)

Published by: Team Different

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