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Gift ideas that will be uniquely DIFFERENT!

  13. 12. 2014      Outfit Tips

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Christmas is here. Year passed like water and we bake again, clean, decorate and buy. We spend thousands of 'nonsense' because sometimes our fantasies do not work the way we need them.When we have days at work or at school and we have certain duties, we can postpone the purchases of gifts until the deadline: the day before the generous dinner! to buy gifts in time or during the year.

Do you already have gifts purchased? Or do you still stick to what would you like your dear half, family, and friends? Do not you have the time or the mood to run around the business centers? Do you want your neighbor to be happy with the original gift?

We have a unique advice for you. Stay calm and cook your favorite cup of tea or coffee. All you need is your tablet or computer. What gift to choose? At our e-shop you will find many original things that will have a clear success.

Here are some gift ideas:

You often ask us for some Desigual gifts from the sale for 400CZK. You just have such a budget and you need to deal with it. Some pieces from Desigual from the sale, but also from the new collection can be found in this price range. Do not worry;)

But otherwise you know, you want the latest apple tablet, you talk about it for half a year, and in the hidden soul you feel you unpack it under the tree. On the day of "Dé" imagine how happy you are sitting at fairy tales with a full stomach and a tablet in hand. In an hour, "when," when the bell rings and everyone is unpacking presents, you look for a vivid box in vain. No one is familiar to you, and when you finally find the appropriate shape, your mouth opens from ear to ear, but your smile becomes stiff, as you unpack the hatched socks.

Do not put on the socks, the heat from the legs is the basis, so they should be an integral part of your wardrobe. And what about original socks that are fun and playful, warm and stylish! Of course, we are talking about the current trend of Happy Socks .

Stylish socks Happy socks Stylish socks Happy socks

Happy Socks socks are made of high-quality combed cotton and the toe is hand-sewn, once you put them on your foot, you will immediately fall in love with them. Current fashion trends report: Do not be afraid to show the world the colorful legs!

Gentlemen are glad to wear a formal suit and mokasin, this is the so-called Smart and Casual style. Happy Socks with us for 215 CZK.

Gentlemen, no lady, you definitely do not get a nice jewel . Currently, there are large and striking necklaces that play all the colors, the easier the outfit, the more original the necklace, serving as the perfect complement. Our tip is a luxury necklace by Desigual.

Desigual Necklace Desigual Necklace

This perfectly matching necklace is suitable for almost any outfit. Red, black and white combined with gold jewelery is a proven classic that never disappoints. The total length of the necklace is 45 cm. The necklace price is 1.180 CZK.

You can choose another fashion accessory to your necklace, colorful bracelets that can be combined in a variety of ways.

naramky desigual Desigual Circodelia Bracelets

This beautiful set of colored Desigual women's bracelets is in shades of warm colors - red, black, yellow, pink, green and gold. The base is gold metal and glass decoration that fits any outfit. The set consists of three different wide bracelets that can be worn together but also specially. You will get a set of bracelets for 910 CZK.

Another great gift for a Christmas present for your daughter, girlfriend or girlfriend, is the original Desigual casual gown that can be used for several occasions. Whether festive in winter or hot summer days.

Desigual Dress Janet Desigual Dress Janet

Dresses are elegant and creative. The black background is decorated with white dots and an abstract colorful flower. These Desigual dresses have a very cute look. The dresses are embroidered, made of firm and elastic material, so they fit almost every character. The price is 2.650 CZK.

For your little ones or young ladies who are not afraid to be a bit different, choose a glamorous but yet tasteful Santoro handbag.

Santoro London Santoro London

This cute ladies' Santoro handbag can also serve as a school briefcase with a shoulder strap. The bag is available in purple, brown and gray colors. The bag is packed with pockets and holsters, so you can easily separate your stuff to prevent damage. The price of the handbag is 1450 CZK.

The stylish purse is also a stylish wallet. The Santoro London wallet carries the same spirit.

Santoro wallet Gorjuss Santoro wallet Gorjuss London

Fairy wallet, in violet color, perfectly blends with violet purse. The wallet is divided into two parts on the banknotes and on the small, with small tabs on cards and papers. The wallet price is 820 CZK.

Ladies of their counterparts can delight the original Desigual shirt. Shirts from this brand are really unconventional and very good.

Men's shirt Desigual Men's shirt Desigual

For example, a red plaid shirt with fancy blue suede applications and a gown that resembles a jeans. The shirt price is 2.090 Kč.

A practical gift is a case for papers and a paper block. Stylish and original are Disaster Designs.

footman Disaster Designs Disaster Designs

Leather leatherette in brown shades with imaginative images is suitable not only for ladies but also for ladies. If you need to have credit cards, business cards, notebooks, pen and money always in your own style and in a stylish spirit, this is the perfect case for you from Disaster Designs. Put everything you need in your little case, even your thoughts. Everything you write will never be forgotten. You will always have it at your fingertips.

We introduced a handful of types for original gifts, many other gift ideas can be found at our e-shop. Have this Christmas DIFFERENT with https://www.different.cz ;)

And why buy at us? And why buy at us?

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