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Gift boxes from Different

  30. 11. 2018      From the fashion world

Let's head over Christmas presents. Are you looking for something at the last minute and you have a problem choosing something? Then we have a great message for you. I will not let you down. This year, we have prepared special gift boxes for you, with which you will be happy not only with your partner / partner, but also with your parents, children or friends. It's a gift for you, more precisely a gift tip .

We named the gift boxes according to their type of person. Do not take it too seriously. We hope to help you choose the right ones for your true and loved ones. In addition, they are packed with "eco" - not only do we save the environment but also do not have to worry about packing - you just have the gift solved, so let's imagine it.

Gift box Kočaprnda

A gift box with the stylish name Kočaprnda is for all cats who love original, ecological, merry and fragrant fashion accessories. This gift box includes happy Happy Socks leg socks, Yankee Candle scented waxes and a Keep Cup color cup.

a gift box

Gift Box Romance

The Romantic Box contains a Desigual Necklace with a romantic butterfly motif. Woodwick and Yankee Candle scented waxes and original Anekke scrapbook with a romantic doll motif. This gift will be appreciated by every romantic soul.

a gift box

Gift box Luxuska

The Luxuska gift box includes luxury Calvin Klein socks , decorated with stones. Yankee Candle fragrance in luxury design and even more luxurious bracelet made of galvanized steel from the Italian brand Ops! Objects . Well, recognize that it's luxurious.

a gift box

Gift box Styler

Gift box Stylař is suitable for all men who have style. Logical. That's why they can not miss the stylish Happy Socks that men wear especially for Smart and Casual style. The stylish Disaster , which is comfortably thrown into your pocket and a nice fragrance in the car that perfectly carries the interior of the car. Men usually wear on the car, so "you" will definitely be happy with this gift.

a gift box

Gift box Sympaťák

The gift box of the Sympatak contains the colorful Calvin Klein socks and the Keep Cup . Keep Cup is a great and practical mug for travel, fits into most preserver heads, and thanks to it, you save the environment, as you do not have to go to the plastic mugs of unnamed cafes.

a gift box

Gift box Elegance

The gift box Elegance is for all elegant men with a sense of detail. Includes elegant Tommy Hilfiger socks , for which you definitely will not be ashamed. They are not wild like Happy Socks and are really good. Stylish Scotch & Soda strap and amazing scented car pins that beautifully brighten the interior of the car.

a gift box

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