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  17. 05. 2017      From the fashion world

Lady Pearl Gadgets You probably all know well what you might not know are the fashion cuts from Different. That we put the most interesting things, brand names and products on our shop for you, is well known, but this year we have a little more things for you. Let's take a look at some of them.

Double-sided Calvin Klein handbags

The world-famous Calvin Klein brand is very popular, especially recently that trend has grown, saying that if you do not have Calvin Klein underwear as if you had none. Calvin Klein is a phenomenon not only offering clothes, underwear and shoes, but also accessories . The number one grip is this great double-sided Calvin Klein handbag that offers interesting color variations. You can choose from several colors in our shop. The handbag features a removable firm bottom, a zipper that is clipped with a snap hook and, of course, a dustbag bag that can safely store your handbag when it's needed.

Calvin Klein handbag

Calvin Klein handbag

Desigual 3 in 1 Handbag

The 2 drawer is undoubtedly the Desigual 3 in 1 handbag . This handbag is actually handbag three. The bigger bag is double-sided, with a completely different theme on each side, plus an inner zipper bag to safely hide your stuff or attach an adjustable braces to wear as a smaller cross-body Desigual . Is not that great? It is great!

Desigual handbag

Buckled Desigual wallets

The third draw is the Desigual 2 in 1 wallet , featuring a removable zip pocket with smaller card compartments. The pocket can be attached to the wallet by means of a snap on the snap hook, but you can wear it separately as a booklet that you can bind practically to anything.

Desigual wallet

Folding Butterfly Twists

The latest addition to this article, which we must not forget, is clearly folding ballerina by Butterfly Twists , which will be used throughout the year. In the spring and summer, you are outdoors and in the autumn and winter you can wear them practically folded in your handbag and pull them out in case your legs will heal from high heels, whether in the ball or in the office. The boots are made of high quality material, so do not worry that you are spoiling with frequent storage. And believe that you put them in the minimal form, even if you do not have a foot like Cinderella.

Butterfly Twists

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