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Flamencopa 2015 - flamenco competition that breaks the border

  19. 03. 2015      From the fashion world

At times, we are a partner of interesting events, where we enter without any profit, etc. Sometimes we just want to try to support something that makes sense. And one of those events is the FLAMENCOPA International Dance Competition - Flamenco International Dance Competition.

We, from Different, are a bit more inclined towards Spain. The Desigual brand , which is the largest heart in our assortment, comes from Spain, so we are more or less constantly communicating with this country :) And so the partnership with this event did not have to be long thought.

Flamenco. Source: https://www.arshtcenter.org Flamenco. Source: https://www.arshtcenter.org

The competition takes place in Pilsen 22.5. and May 23, 2015 in the beautiful premises of the Pilsen Municipal Meeting ... and it will be "dance". It is the organizer of the Center for Spanish Culture and Education.
The gala evening and the winners will take place at the New Theater in Pilsen on May 23, 2015 at 20:00. The beautiful Pilsen theater is worth a visit. The Pilsen people were already there, but others are also considering whether to go to the European Capital of Culture 2015 :)

The Flamenco Competition will take the form of a public presentation in two categories - amateurs and semi-professionals. Each category will then be divided into: Individual competition and competition of couples and groups (3 -6 persons) and competition in folk dance - sevillanas (2-10 persons). We look forward to the most! ;)

Several accompanying events and performances of different stars will take place within the competition. There will also be workshops with jurors and taaaaaak. Just if you like sometimes to move your ass a bit, or at least to enjoy something that does not really happen in our regions, you can build yourself;)

For more information, please visit: www.flamencopa.eu or www.cskv.cz

Published by: Team Different

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