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First wave of sales!

  28. 12. 2017      From the fashion world

In the holidays we spend time with our loved ones . And for Different.cz you are the closest VY , our clients, VIP clients, readers and subscribers;) And so you know first that the FIRST WAVES of SALE are splashing before us in January . First January.

Do not jam in the candy, but let it sniffid = "m_7651171785550556148_www_different_cz_slevy_4"> BEAUTIFUL FASHION BASKETS IN DISCOUNTS . What about a new coat , amazing sweater or beautiful shoes ? You just deserve it, do not you? ;)

Right now is the right time for a good winter coat, so head over to a selection of the best brands we have at the eshop. What about a nice Desigual coat or stylish Scotch & Soda coat ? Luxurious or elegant jackets can be found at the Rinascimento brand and an extravagant piece from the Fornarina brand . In short, you have a good idea to choose from.

Are you going to the mountains? Get a good snow! You can find such as a Crocs or Emu brand! They are warm, some even waterproof, their feet are freezing, they do not breathe, so you are sure that you have quality tires for several seasons . In addition, modern, timeless pieces offered by individual brands will keep you entertained!

What you definitely need is a warm sweater! He would not have missed your wardrobe. Is it warm, thin, strong, overhead, cardigan or turtleneck ? Colorful, decent, patterned or clean (not dirty)? You can do all of this with us and you may have a problem to choose because they are all beautiful, so when there are those discounts you can buy two, three or four. It's up to you!

For more inspiration, check out our video on Different TV !

Published by: Differenta Team

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