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Festival Look: How to Dress Up at the Festival?

  28. 06. 2017      From the fashion world

Summer is here and with it the season of festivals. Actions that we always want to feel ourselves and experience them all. And where else should we untie than on a summer festive. Because festivals force us to show our personality as such - both inside and outside. That's why we should not bind, but untie and do not be afraid to wear something that we do not just get on the weekday. And what other brand could make you more than the Desigual brand ? We have some tips for you at the summer festival!

Spanish temperament with the Desigual brand can not be criticized. The Desigual brand can sometimes be wild, so fantasy limits do not work. In addition, you now have a big advantage, the Desigual sale is in progress, so you can buy your festive pieces at a great price.

This year's fashion hit is oversize stuff , bare puppies and denim design. So if you choose the denim top of the swimsuit, the denim bombarder and the massive colorful jewels, you definitely do not step next to it. The art is to combine things so that your outfit is in the so-called monochrome style , that is, monochrome. Which Desigual also allows.

But if you love the colors and wild patterns, do not prevent them and subdue them. Do not even worry about combining jeans clothes. You can put your clothes in your pants freely, and if it's still warm, you can take off your pants. A great hit this year is the Boo Chic Style , reminiscent of the hippie and ethereal style - lace, embroidery, pastel colors - which the current collection of Desigual Spring / Summer 2017 also offers.

We should not forget about layering, fringes, imaginative jewelery and jeans jackets. It is always good for you. The basic element of each festival season is a raincoat, boots and a good mood. So enjoy yourself, get tickets for your favorite festival and go out! Nothing prevents you from enjoying this summer. But do not forget: "Be DIFFERENT".

Do you like summer festivals? What are you planning for and what kind of outfit do you plan? Write us in the comment .

Published by: Differenta Team

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