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Fashion Trends from Fashionweeks 2019

  06. 05. 2019      From the fashion world

What will be wearing this year? What trends does the fashion industry set? We could look at it and get inspired at this year's Fashion Weeks . For those of you who missed this year we have a great news. We bring you the most important information from Milan, Paris, New York, London and Pilsen, specifically from our eshop. So sit back and be inspired.

Fashion Week Paris

2019 Trends

Before we go into specific types, we will introduce you to the main general aspects of current fashion trends. Above all, there is currently "in" rich decorating, fringes, polka dots and prints, plastic raincoats and other items of clothing made of this material, as well as natural patterns and animal motifs or pastel colors and colorblock style. we are going for 9 years in the form of fashion brand names Melissa or now O bag , and Desigual represents the animal and wild designs, in short, what is different is timeless.

Fashion Week in Paris
 The Fashion Week in Paris took place last but one week in January this year. Where many of the participants have witnessed the rebirth of a designer signature of a thin tailoring and super-short party dresses that have been targeted at the new legion of thousands of year-old customers. Elsewhere in the city, Gucci made his Parisian debut, Chanel escaped to the beach and Louis Vuitton went back to the future. So what does the Paris Fashion Week say this year? It is definitely a leisure lager jacket. You can find such a jacket in the form of Moodo brand. What is definitely worth mentioning are cycling shorts. This fashion trend may seem a little over the line, but hand on heart, did you say it even after your kidney return? 

 cycling shorts 

Fashion Week in New York

 Fashion Week this year in New York was the second week of February and was once again full of exquisite fashion inspirations. Animal designs, the return of patchwork design, the silent color combinations are definitely worth mentioning. Such as yellow with orange or red with pink or casual costumes. As far as animal motives are concerned, the real animal fur may look out of style, but wearing animal-inspired prints certainly isn't. Animal patterns will always be worn and worn. From realistic python props and leopard skins to freely inspired versions in a range of sweet colors such as pink, lavender and banana yellow. 

animal patterns
Fashion Week in London

London Fashion Week was held in February for the third week. Just after New York Fashion Week. Orange was the new black in New York, but the red color won in London. The symbolism of love, passion, fire, blood and devil. Of course, in London, there was a distinctive checkered pattern that is typical of the British. And also the black skin.

checkered pattern

 Fashion Week in Milan 
 The Milan Fashion Week took place last week in February. Patterns, Patterns, Patterns - This is the main fashion trend of Milan Fashion Week and don't worry about combining them. Other must have are fishnet fishnets or fishnets, but let's not forget the immortal dots of various sizes, and we also have to mention the trend of "Plastic Fantastic", which we have been dealing with differently for years. 


In the following video, we will present 3 top "Pilsen" outfits that are subject to trends inspired by Fashion Weeks 2019!

Published by: Differenta Team

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