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  09. 09. 2019      Different TV CZ / SK


We recently used the last few warm and sunny days to create a brand new FASHION SHOW or our fashion show. The reason is simple ... We wanted to introduce you news that deserved something special again. That's why we went to a nearby park. They found a stony path like a fairy tale, and before we could say NEW COLLECTIONS, we were done.

The new video of our Different TV is full of magical things. Unusual designs, colors and also one big surprise. In addition to traditional brands such as Calvin Klein, Converse, Anekke and Desigual, you will be introduced to the new brand SIMPO. The details will not be fully disclosed yet, but we have some pieces on the web. But beware, they've been there for a while. So don't hesitate to check them out. It's worth it!

We always try to bring you something new and unconventional. We believe that this year we succeeded. We always enjoy shooting and most of all we are glad that we can show you always the latest.

Published by: Martin Špeta

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