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Fashion in the age does not matter

  03. 10. 2016      From the fashion world

You may be 20, you may be 70. But the way it looks is just for you.

It is a pity that the 40 years of the gray communist era has made us feel like dressing, elegance and style. People do not care what they look like and still defends in the sense: "I'm not a sheep, I'm a fool."

And it just comes to us that it's a shame. Because we only live once and dress nice and look nice to be nice . The feeling when you go down the street and you really like it. The feeling when your friends ask where you bought the purse or shoes because they're just beautiful. That feeling is great and it does not really matter how long you are;

Here you have the inspiration for some beautiful older people who really have a style. Let's inspire and enjoy life as much as we can. Perhaps only by buying a new coat and going through the city;

Source of photos: FB page Issimo style

Pretty, huh? So make you happy to make it fit;) Maybe a new Scotch & Soda dress or a Doca bag ;)

Published by: Milan Polák

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