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Fashion accessories Desigual SS17

  02. 03. 2017      From the fashion world

We promise you what we promised you in the previous article of the new Desigual Spring / Summer 2017 collection and we will introduce you new, sculpted and original accessories. Desigual fashion accessories are all known to us, they are popular for their wild patterns and atypical shapes. As we have already mentioned, Desigual has come up with a much more moderate collection this year, and of course with accessories. So let's imagine some.


Desigual handbags are again colorful, patterned, sporty and elegant, but also monochrome. Some pieces can be molded - magnifying, shrinking, others overturning, and others can be simply and elegantly worn. They are therefore suitable for all girls and women of different ages and positions.

Desigual Handbag

Desigual Handbag


Desigual wallets have different shapes and sizes, they are wild but also moderate. Storey and some can also be worn as a writing sheet. But they all have something in common, they are beautiful, stylish and practical. Some of them are right with the handbag in the same design and some fit for any other bag.

Desigual wallet


The novel is also mentioned by Boho Chic style , in which Desigual performed in the form of jewelery. As for jewelery, the selection is again varied and it has to be said that jewelry is subject to current fashion trends.

Desigual Necklace


If you do not have a Desigual scarf this year, you will definitely choose elegant, but more sporty versions, different shapes, styles and infinite possibilities to tie them. That's what you can see in our video.

Desigual Scarf

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