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Fashion accessories Calvin Klein

  20. 02. 2017      From the fashion world

You are all very familiar with the Calvin Klein fashion brand , you even know that Calvin Klein's underwear is available on our eshop some Friday. What you probably do not know is that we now offer you a lot more, and fashion accessories Calvin Klein. Ladies and Gentlemen, let us introduce handbags, wallets and other "beauties" that just - MUST HAVE!

It started very inconspicuously when we began to flirt with the idea that Calvin Klein was great and that we could expand the range of this brand. With this idea, we played for a while until we got to see what hot gals Calvin Klein actually offers and we succumbed. When the first batch arrived, we nearly dismantled them all, do not worry, the blood did not flow, but we all agreed that we had to buy these unique ones, and because we do not want to keep these gems just for ourselves, we have a little recommendation for you .

Women's Calvin Klein handbags

Calvin Klein handbags have worked out the smallest details, most of them made of synthetic leather, some practical compartments for a clear layout, a removable and adjustable strap, and even a "dust bag" to protect it from dust and other dirt. The handbags include, of course, an iconic brand logo.

Calvin Klein Handbag

Wallet Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein wallets are always perfect for handbags, Calvin offers different shapes and sizes, and of course there is a practical layout and iconic logo on the purse.

Wallet Calvin Klein

Fashion accessories Calvin Klein

You can find other interesting accessories on our eshop, such as this stylish Calvin Klein case , which has a practical use for keeping coins, small cosmetics or keys. In addition, the holster has a snap hook that you attach anywhere you like, to your handbag, trouser loop or key.

Coin Case Calvin Klein

Of course, we know that the woman is the reflection of her husband, and also that the man is the reflection of his wife, so we have not forgotten you, gentlemen. Even men can wear handbags and bags, today is another time. The time that says, "Gentlemen, do not be afraid and be fashionable!"

Men's Calvin Klein bags

Men's Calvin Klein bag

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