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Fashion Accessories? Base outfitu :)

  01. 08. 2014      From the fashion world

It's a beautiful summer day, straightforward to take on something that brightens you and fulfills a good mood all day long. We have a few Desigual accessories tips for you that will surely make you smile on your face :) And certainly your surroundings;)


Accessories Desigual Accessories Desigual

For all the outfits I chose my simple white dress. To them I could afford a Desigual purse with a fashionable motif of daisy in gray-blue-white tones, which perfectly blends both to herself and to her dresses. The shape of the handbag has been uniquely chosen in an elegant simple style with fewer pockets. As a cherry on the cake, I chose Desigual plastic brace in the same color as a handbag.


Accessories Desigual Accessories Desigual

For red lovers I bet on this imaginable little handbag that is suitable for wearing in hand. Again, the motif of a daisy that fits nicely to the dress. We live at a time when most of us have replaced our tablet computer. And because Desigual thinks of everything, he has created this beautiful Ipad packaging on the same motif as a handbag. Everything is so beautiful;)


IMG_0074 The last variation is these striking colorful accessories, where green with pink and purple dominates. I selected the Desigual handbag smaller and again suitable for wearing with the humorous Hummingbird motif. With the same motif of the Desigual scarf tethered in this unconventional way. So we ladies were different :) Video with great tips on tethering can be found here: https://www.differenttv.cz/jak-uvazat-satek-10-zajimavych-zpusobu/ ;)

How do you like outfits?

Think of the accessories, it's not in vain to say that the details are strength :) Be different ...

Published by: Team Different

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