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Extravagant shoes Fornarina

  22. 01. 2018      From the fashion world

The Italian brand Fornarina has been popular in Italy for several decades. And because it is full of refined and extravagant pieces that are Different for us, we have decided to place this brand in our "Differentiate" portfolio and we quickly fell in love with it. Modern pieces that do not have the Italian dots, definitely appreciate every stylish woman. We are very well aware of this, so we started to store it on our eshop, and now we are going to be dressed for the Fornarina literally from head to toe and we will stay here for a while, because this article will be dedicated to shoes, especially winter Fornarin Shoes .

The advantage is that most shoes are made of leather and some even have a warm interior, which is ideal in the European winter leg. Some pieces are sporty, some are elegant. In short, every woman will come to you regardless of age and fashion. So let's imagine the pieces.

Very popular are the so-called Biker Boots , these are shoes that resemble hoods or tracksuits, a massive, sporty, ankle boot, usually with lacing, but also with a zipper to match both the sporty and the more elegant outfits . The ankle boots will stay for a while, whether you choose a higher heel or low in autumn and winter, then the "ankles" are ideal because it just does not get on your ankles, for "hunky" and more elegant types are the ideal heel boots , which you match to skirts or dresses.

But what we would like to mention is that extravagance and eccentricity are not limited to this brand , so here you can find ankle boots with a heart-shaped heel. Which is definitely worth it. Especially if you walk in them in the snow and leave behind your heart. It may even bring life to a soul mate in life. We will of course choose to choose you, and now we do not mean a partner but just a selection of shoes. So get inspired below.

Fornarin heel shoes

Fornarin shoes

Fornarin boots

Fornarin shoes

Leather ankle boots Fornarina

Fornarin shoes

Fornarina leather boots Fornarin shoes

Biker Boots Fornarina

Fornarin shoes

Published by: Differenta Team

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